Renaissance in Female Rap – Megan Thee Stallion


Why You Should Know Megan Thee Stallion?

When seeking inspiration or positive vibes some like to listen to Oprah Super Soul Sundays, Deepak Chopra, or your typical aspirational IG page equipped, with a whimsical font and pedestrian advice on how to fix your life. Megan provides,“Tony Robbins Raps” - giving out real inspo for her audience. Megan’s bars make you feel like a real hottie ready to take on any adversary and get to the bag.

Megan Thee Stallion is a Houston native, a current student at Texas Southern University and burgeoning artist. Megan has the makings a supernova due to the elusive combination of talent, looks, and charisma. Sis looks like a young Pam Grier, flawlessly slides across beats, and her socials are hella engaging. She delivers complex bars over southern cadences in a tone that manages to be both femme without leaning on a baby--talk voice and hard AF without relying on a faux deep register. In a world where most exploit the Atlanta sound and Migos syncopated delivery to garner attention for their art, Megan remains true to her hometown of Houston by rapping over sonics indigenous to the third coast. Meg also remains loyal to her origins by channeling the Texas GOAT, Pimp C, as evidenced in her alias Tina Snow.

Thee Stallion can be heard doling out advice on how to use your feminine prowess to manipulate men to your advantage aka pimping, and pimping is to Houston as finessing is to Atlanta. The stallion’s rap IQ is elite, her progression from Make it Hot to her breakout mixtape, Tina Snow, is tremendous and these projects are less than a year a part from each other. Stalli is up next and will make the case that more than one woman at a time can be dominant in rap.


“Young Tina Snow,  going hard on a hoe”


Intro to Megan Thee Stallion

Honestly the entirety of Tina Snow, but if you’re making me choose Hot Girl, Cognac Queen, Big Ole Freak and Make A Bag.