Renaissance in Female Rap – Asian Doll


Why You Should Know Asian Doll?

Asian Doll is a 22-year-old Dallas native and self-proclaimed Queen of Teens. Asian Doll is the most prolific of all the dolls and low key the most problematic. Asian has beef with every other doll, Rico Nasty, & Bali Baby. All the beefs add to Asian Doll’s appeal, she is authentic. Despite Asian Doll’s pejorative disposition towards the others, she has a positive message for her audience. That message being, confidence and love of self. Asian Doll definitely embodies her message. She has her own style, which is one of the reasons Asian Doll got her name. She has an affinity for Asian culture and expresses that in her style of dress. Doll presents as a Harajuku Barbie in patent leathers, bright colors, and chunky sneakers. Growing up on the Southside of Dallas, Asian dressed in the same aesthetic, setting trends for her neighborhood. Asian Doll was who she was before she got here.

Asian Doll used her personality &  social media acumen as a springboard for her career as an artist. Doll was a high school student with 9,000 followers on IG. Her first song was “Barbie Bitch”, which she posted to her Instagram. One follower reached out and offered to record her. Since “Barbie Bitch” Asian Doll has been on a gradual ascension. Pushing out a total of seven mixtapes in the last four years. Asian Doll’s ability to record at such a rapid pace is reminiscent of Gucci Mane, who she signed to last year. Doll then released the effulgent “So Icy Princess” on the 1017 imprint. “So Icy Princess” is such a consistent body of work that allows Asian Doll to showcase her rapid-fire delivery. Asian opts for young pretty street bars over lecherous bars. She just might be the hardest doll out.

Intro to Asian Doll

Entirety of So Icy Princess, Grandson and Hiya.