Renaissance in Female Rap – Rico Nasty


Why You Should Know Rico Nasty?

If punk rock icon, Sid vicious of the Sex Pistols made a baby with fashionista/tech guru Bulma of Dragon Ball Z, and the goddess Josephine Baker you would get Rico Nasty. Rico possess the playfulness of a young Gwen Stefani circa Tragic Kingdom and the brashness of Joan Jett. Rico’s jovialness can be seen in her style and her visuals. Her style fuses, cyberpunk, punk, anime, through a femme tomboy lens. Rico has created her own lane, making Sugar Trap.

Sugar Trap blends traditional trap elements such as frequent use of 808s, Rico also uses saccharin laced melodies, and delivers them in rich raspy tone. In tandem with providing interesting looks, trippy visuals, & bars worthy of plaudits.  Rico is also a true performer.

Attending Rico’s live shows are for raging, its powerful to witness a woman is in control of crowd that is thrashing. It’s a straight up mosh pit, so do yourself and don’t wear those Aleali May Jordan collabs you just copped.


Rico Nasty is a DMV native and single mom who proves what is possible when you apply yourself. Prior to making her way as an artist Rico was working an administrative job at a hospital. Inspired by the success of her Vine counterpart, Lil Yachty, Rico decided to seriously pursue a career as an artist. Her first song to gain traction was Hey Arnold. Soon after the release of Hey Arnold, Rico pushed out Sugar Trap 1, Tales of TacoBella, & Sugar Trap 2 all in the span of two years. On Sugar Trap 2 Rico comes into her own delivering an affirming anthem in “Poppin”. Rico’s latest release, Nasty, is where all her powers combine, style, visuals, & aggressive delivery to create the vibrant and robust project. Rico is rumored to be releasing another project this year. Rico Nasty’s previous work is prescient of her inevitable ascension.