Renaissance in Female Rap – S3nsi Molly + Lil Brook


Why you should know S3nsi Molly and Lil Brook?

Best friends and Texas natives S3nsi Molly (pronounced Sin-see) & Lil Brook are creating some of the most vibrant music coming out of Texas. S3nsi, 19 and Lil Brook,18,  have been rapping for a total of 3 years between them. S3nsi and Brook are solo artists, but they have palatable chemistry as evidenced by their breakout viral hit, 223 and their joint project Dumbshit volume 1.  It’s all out pugilism on the beat when Lil Brook and S3nsi Molly jump on a song together.

S3nsi Molly sounds like she’s channeling HoodRich Pablo Juan and Valee with her raspy, whisper-like delivery. Lil Brook’s voice is sharp, confident, and jovial. The juxtaposition of their sounds makes for an ideal pairing,  ‘a la Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug on Rich Gang The Tour. Majority of S3ni’s and Brook’s bars are comprised of gun talk and blunt smoke. The latter is absolutely factual. Brook and S3nsi are repping for female stoners. The former is hyperbole, but don’t think it’s sweet. Brook was caught in a fight, stabbed during the altercation and kept fighting. S3nsi was on probation for possession of Xanax with intent to distribute. While on probation, S3nsi was inspired to pursue a career as a rapper. S3nsi Molly released a total of four solo projects in 2018. S3nsi progresses with each drop. Lil Brook began rapping on a whim and at the encouragement of S3nsi. She was in the studio with S3nsi and was asked to get on a song. Brook had a natural talent, she and S3nsi have been working collaboratively ever since. Lil Brook has yet to put out a solo project but that will change this year. Lil Brook and S3nsi Molly are rumored to have recently signed with Def Jam, we should see releases from both artists in 2019.


Renaissance in Female Rap – Asian Doll


Why You Should Know Asian Doll?

Asian Doll is a 22-year-old Dallas native and self-proclaimed Queen of Teens. Asian Doll is the most prolific of all the dolls and low key the most problematic. Asian has beef with every other doll, Rico Nasty, & Bali Baby. All the beefs add to Asian Doll’s appeal, she is authentic. Despite Asian Doll’s pejorative disposition towards the others, she has a positive message for her audience. That message being, confidence and love of self. Asian Doll definitely embodies her message. She has her own style, which is one of the reasons Asian Doll got her name. She has an affinity for Asian culture and expresses that in her style of dress. Doll presents as a Harajuku Barbie in patent leathers, bright colors, and chunky sneakers. Growing up on the Southside of Dallas, Asian dressed in the same aesthetic, setting trends for her neighborhood. Asian Doll was who she was before she got here.

Asian Doll used her personality &  social media acumen as a springboard for her career as an artist. Doll was a high school student with 9,000 followers on IG. Her first song was “Barbie Bitch”, which she posted to her Instagram. One follower reached out and offered to record her. Since “Barbie Bitch” Asian Doll has been on a gradual ascension. Pushing out a total of seven mixtapes in the last four years. Asian Doll’s ability to record at such a rapid pace is reminiscent of Gucci Mane, who she signed to last year. Doll then released the effulgent “So Icy Princess” on the 1017 imprint. “So Icy Princess” is such a consistent body of work that allows Asian Doll to showcase her rapid-fire delivery. Asian opts for young pretty street bars over lecherous bars. She just might be the hardest doll out.

Intro to Asian Doll

Entirety of So Icy Princess, Grandson and Hiya.


Renaissance in Female Rap – Rico Nasty


Why You Should Know Rico Nasty?

If punk rock icon, Sid vicious of the Sex Pistols made a baby with fashionista/tech guru Bulma of Dragon Ball Z, and the goddess Josephine Baker you would get Rico Nasty. Rico possess the playfulness of a young Gwen Stefani circa Tragic Kingdom and the brashness of Joan Jett. Rico’s jovialness can be seen in her style and her visuals. Her style fuses, cyberpunk, punk, anime, through a femme tomboy lens. Rico has created her own lane, making Sugar Trap.

Sugar Trap blends traditional trap elements such as frequent use of 808s, Rico also uses saccharin laced melodies, and delivers them in rich raspy tone. In tandem with providing interesting looks, trippy visuals, & bars worthy of plaudits.  Rico is also a true performer.

Attending Rico’s live shows are for raging, its powerful to witness a woman is in control of crowd that is thrashing. It’s a straight up mosh pit, so do yourself and don’t wear those Aleali May Jordan collabs you just copped.


Rico Nasty is a DMV native and single mom who proves what is possible when you apply yourself. Prior to making her way as an artist Rico was working an administrative job at a hospital. Inspired by the success of her Vine counterpart, Lil Yachty, Rico decided to seriously pursue a career as an artist. Her first song to gain traction was Hey Arnold. Soon after the release of Hey Arnold, Rico pushed out Sugar Trap 1, Tales of TacoBella, & Sugar Trap 2 all in the span of two years. On Sugar Trap 2 Rico comes into her own delivering an affirming anthem in “Poppin”. Rico’s latest release, Nasty, is where all her powers combine, style, visuals, & aggressive delivery to create the vibrant and robust project. Rico is rumored to be releasing another project this year. Rico Nasty’s previous work is prescient of her inevitable ascension.




Renaissance in Female Rap – Megan Thee Stallion


Why You Should Know Megan Thee Stallion?

When seeking inspiration or positive vibes some like to listen to Oprah Super Soul Sundays, Deepak Chopra, or your typical aspirational IG page equipped, with a whimsical font and pedestrian advice on how to fix your life. Megan provides,“Tony Robbins Raps” - giving out real inspo for her audience. Megan’s bars make you feel like a real hottie ready to take on any adversary and get to the bag.

Megan Thee Stallion is a Houston native, a current student at Texas Southern University and burgeoning artist. Megan has the makings a supernova due to the elusive combination of talent, looks, and charisma. Sis looks like a young Pam Grier, flawlessly slides across beats, and her socials are hella engaging. She delivers complex bars over southern cadences in a tone that manages to be both femme without leaning on a baby--talk voice and hard AF without relying on a faux deep register. In a world where most exploit the Atlanta sound and Migos syncopated delivery to garner attention for their art, Megan remains true to her hometown of Houston by rapping over sonics indigenous to the third coast. Meg also remains loyal to her origins by channeling the Texas GOAT, Pimp C, as evidenced in her alias Tina Snow.

Thee Stallion can be heard doling out advice on how to use your feminine prowess to manipulate men to your advantage aka pimping, and pimping is to Houston as finessing is to Atlanta. The stallion’s rap IQ is elite, her progression from Make it Hot to her breakout mixtape, Tina Snow, is tremendous and these projects are less than a year a part from each other. Stalli is up next and will make the case that more than one woman at a time can be dominant in rap.


“Young Tina Snow,  going hard on a hoe”


Intro to Megan Thee Stallion

Honestly the entirety of Tina Snow, but if you’re making me choose Hot Girl, Cognac Queen, Big Ole Freak and Make A Bag.